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When I decided to go on this 3 day juice cleanse,  I was so excited!  I’d done a juice and smoothie 5 day cleanse before and loved it, but it was different this time.  Doing just a juice cleanse is another kettle of veggies!

First of all, most smoothies are packed full of fruit which are high in fructose, so the sugar keeps your energy up.  Secondly, because there’s fibre in smoothies, they tend to be more filling.

So why just a juice cleanse?  To be honest, I think it had more to do with the fact that it would be more challenging, than with any perceived health benefits, that got me.  Although I know that there are definitely those.

Doing a cleanse such as this, for me, above all else, is the break that it gives your digestive system.

Our digestive system is a pretty hard worker.  Think of all the times you shove something in your mouth.  Working.

Or the fact that when your body is under stress, it will shut down the digestive system so that it can pull that energy into saving your life. Working.

Or that sleep is difficult if you’re body is still fighting to digest your dinner.  Yep, still working.

So for me, giving it a break from this, but still getting the essential nutrients to keep my body functioning is what initially attracted me to do the juice cleanse.

But what I got out of it, was more than health benefits.  What I got out of it, was a newfound appreciation for food as a whole and an insight into how much food I physiologically need compared to what i actually consume.

For me, this cleanse was about resetting my mind and my body and I believe that I have achieved that.

To be successful on a juice cleanse, you really need to be in the right frame of mind.  My advice is to not have too many expectations of yourself.  If you’ve never done one before, my advice is to take it slowly.  Start with 1 day, then a couple of months later, if you liked the way it made you feel, do it for 2 days and so on.  Also, try to keep busy, but not around food.  The easiest day for me what the first day, because I was at work, and it’s always busy.

Secondly, choose a juice company that uses organic ingredients and the cold press method.  The cold press method is a process that entails pulverising fruits and vegetables and then pressing them with enough force to remove all the nutrients and juice, leaving behind a pulp, or fibre.  Whilst fibre is great for us, taking it out for this purpose is what allows your body to rest, and allows for the nutrients to be hyper-absorbed into the body, or so the theory goes.

But can’t I just use my juicer?  Well, yes, you can do that, but the difference is that blenders and juicers create centrifugal force, which could raise the heat of produce slightly and potentially cause nutrients to begin to deplete.  Again, this is what cold press juice enthusiasts say but you can make up your own mind.

I did the Cali Press 3 day Deep Clean Cleanse . This cleanse consisted mainly of vegetable juices, mostly green (my fave) and no smoothies. Not that there’s anything wrong with smoothies, I love them, but because I am trying to reset my body and mind and break my sugar habit, which has been creeping back over the past 6 months, I wanted to do one with the least amount of fruit.

The juices in the Big Clean, still contained some fruit, but I feel that this was warranted as I still needed the energy to get me through the day.  I really liked that the cleanse came with detailed instructions on how to go about it and I found that sticking to the timing schedule really helped.  I was never hungry, in the physiological sense.  My stomach never rumbled, and I never felt faint.  I actually felt comfortable the whole time in terms of hunger.  I attribute that to the fact that my body was getting the required amount of nutrients to keep it happy, plus I have stored energy too :)

The juices were tasty and subtle and my fave out of the 8 that you get was definitely the popeye, which is a green juice made from kale, spinach, cos, celery, cucumber, parsley and lemon.

Whilst I probably overdid it with the exercise on that first day (I did’t listen to the instructions about taking it easy on the exercise – what can I say, I’m a rebel), I was surprised that I still had the energy to keep to my regular fitness schedule.  I did take it easy on the last day though, no point pushing the friendship!

I have to admit that preparing meals for my family on the second day was really challenging, as we always have dinner together when I’m not working.  It’s a special time for us, but watching them eat was hard, not because I was hungry, but because it was just such a change from my routine!  So I took Billie for a walk instead.  There’s always an alternative :)

What I liked the most about doing the Cali Press juice cleanse, is that it gave me some extra time.  I didn’t have to think about my meals, I could just chill.  Oh the luxury!  They also came in their own little cooler bag, which made it handy when I had to take it to work.

The cleanse also made me aware of all the mindless eating I do.  Finishing my daughter’s plates, sticking my hand in the nut jar because it’s in front of me (even though I’m not hungry).  Having 1 litre smoothie when 500 mls is just as satisfying.

I know that I’m lucky to be able to choose good, healthy foods to eat. And whilst I know that I can’t help the circumstances that come out of having this life that I am blessed with, it has made me more appreciative about my impact on the world, from a consumption point of view.  Regardless of how you choose to eat, there will always be some kind of impact.  Overconsumption, whether of plant or animal foods, is still impacting the earth in a negative way.

So, now that it’s over, I am grateful for the experience.  It’s probably something that I’ll incorporate into my life on a regular basis.  How regular will be up to me and what my body tells me.

I can honestly say that it’s been a great experience, both physically and mentally, and I got out of it what I was hoping for and more.

A big THANK YOU to the legends at Cali Press for keeping me juiced up and for using organic produce grown by local farmers.  Big ups!

If you’re interested in doing their cleanses, just head to Cali Press and enter the code HM001 for a 10% discount on all the available cleanses (there’s 3 to choose from) or some of their custom juice cartons so you can try their juices before you commit.

Now, what to eat tomorrow?  I think I have a few ideas!

Peas, love and mungbeans,


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  1. I love this article about juice cleanse my husband and me recently started juicing. These juices looks so yummy we will definitely try them out. Thank you for your wonderful post.

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