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Cauliflower Cous Cous



Cauliflower has saved my life so many times.  It’s such a versatile vegetable, it truly is one of my veggie heroes.

Going grain free for me is nothing new, I did it when I was living a raw plant only lifestyle for a while, and I have again revisited this grain free path whilst doing the Whole 30.  I have finished the 30 days but I have kept grains out of my daily life simply because I actually don’t miss them…….yet.  I will never say never, but for now, I’m happy to go grainless.

For those of you who are wondering what the hell cauliflower has to do with going grain free, listen up because you’re in for a treat.

Did you know that if you grate or process cauliflower, it will actually resemble rice grains?  And, if you process them a little less, you can also get the consistency of cous cous!  Or really just about any grain you like, but without the side effects that grains can have on some people.

So, go get your food processors out and let’s do this!



Cauliflower Cous Cous, Grilled Eggplant & Orange Tahini Dressing

Serves 4 as a side or 2 as a main


1 medium head of cauliflower

1 medium tomato, diced

1/4 red onion, diced finely

1/2 yellow capsicum, diced

1/4 cup of parsley, finely chopped

1/4 cup coriander, finely choped

Small handful of pinenuts

3 TBS dried cranberries

1/3 cup fresh pomegranate seeds

1/2 lemon, juiced

1 TBS extra virgin olive oil

Small handful of inca berries (optional)


Cut cauliflower into florets and place them in a food processor.  Pulse until the mixture resembles cous cous.  Pour into a large bowl.

Add the rest of the ingredients and mix thoroughly until well combined.  Set aside

Orange Tahini Dressing

Makes enough for this salad


1/2 orange, juiced

1 TBS tahini

Himalayan pink salt and pepper to taste


Mix all of the ingredients together until smooth.  Adding more juice if need be to get it to creamy consistency, like thick custard.

For the eggplant, just slice 1 medium eggplant into 1/2 cm thick rounds and place on a non-stick frying pan and cook until both sides are golden.  Sprinkle some Himalayan pink salt whilst they are cooking.

To serve, Just arrange the cous cous salad over a bed of baby spinach, then add the grilled eggplant and drizzle dressing all over it.


Now you can’t get more simple than that right?

Peas, love and mungbeans



Spelt & Beet Gnocchi with Rosemary Pesto & Crumbed Macadamia Feta


There are some things that you try over and over again, gnocchi is one of those things for me.

Those little fluffy pillows of yum are either got or not.  So I search all over for amazing recipes trying them all, some are good, some are great, some not so much.  But they’re fun all the same.

But here’s one of those recipes that I found whilst searching and you can find it here.

It uses spelt flour which is a little different, and no potatoes.   I have seen spelt flour at the grocery store but I like to get mine from bulk stores because I just buy the quantities that I need.  The Source Bulkfoods is the one I go to and there’s a few around if you’re in Australia so check them out.  _MG_1691

For this dish you will also need a delicious pesto.  I make traditional basil pesto all the time, but somehow, no shops had it in stock so I went out to my big rosemary bush and collected enough to make this one.  I got my little one to help, she loves getting involved :)


Rosemary Pesto

Makes about 1/2 cup


2 cups of fresh rosemary, leaves only

1/2 cup of pine nuts

2 cloves of garlic

3x 4cm pieces of lemon rind

1/4 cup savoury yeast

1/4 cup of EVOO

1 tsp of Himalayan pink salt

Freshly cracked pepper to taste


Place all ingredients in a food processor and process until smooth.

Taste and adjust seasoning if required.


Here’s a really simple recipe for some macadamia cheese.  It has a really crumbly consistency and reminds me of feta so let’s call it that.


Macadamia Feta

Makes about 1 1/4 cups


1 cup of raw macadamia nuts, soaked and rinsed well

2 cups of filtered water

2 TBS of lemon juice

1 tsp of prebiotic powder, I like this one.

1/2 tsp of Himalayan pink salt

1 tsp raw apple cider vinegar (optional)


Place rinsed nuts in a blender with the water and blend until smooth.  Use a muslin cloth or nut milk bag to strain until you get all the liquid out and all you have left is the pulp.  Reserve the liquid (Macadamia milk!)

Place the pulp in a glass container and mix through all the other ingredients.  Done!

I keep mine in the fridge and it keeps for about 4-5 days.

The combo of the pesto and the cheese is also delicious on grainy toast with some fresh tomato.

And there you have it!

Peas, love and mungbeans



Coconut Paper Rolls


Here’s a raw vegan version of a favourite.  You will need to get your hands on some raw coconut paper.  I use one by Sunfoods brand, not sure if there’s any other brand doing them.

You will also need to get some kelp noodles, but if not, you can use zuchinni or any other vegetable noodle that tickles your fancy.

You could also use either vermicelli or sweet potato noodles, but it won’t be raw, but still yummy!

Coconut Paper Rolls

Serves 1


2 coconut wraps

1/2 packet of kelp noodles (I use Sea Tangle Noodle Company)

Coconut meat from 1 young coconut (about 100g)

1/4 cup of coconut water

2 TBS of raw almond butter (or natural peanut butter)

Himalayan pink salt to taste

Juice of 1 lime

1/2 – 1 tsp Coconut Aminos

Red cabbage 45 g

Cucumber thinly julienne 50 g

Capsicum thinly julienne 35 g


In a powerful blender, add the coconut meat, water, salt, lime juice, coconut aminos and nut butter of choice and blend until smooth and creamy.  Set aside.

Drain and rinse the kelp noodles and squeeze as much of the water out as possible.  Place them in a large mixing bowl along with the cucumber, capsicum and red cabbage.  Add half of the dressing and use your hands to mix it thoroughly through all of the ingredients until every little bit is covered.  You may need to add a little bit more.   Place the left over dressing in a ramekin for dipping.

Get your coconut wraps and place one of them on a clean, dry chopping board so that it’s in a diamond shape in front of you.

Add half of the noodle mixture on to the middle of the coconut wrap.  Fold the left and right corners of the diamond in to the middle, holding the filling in place with your fingers as you fold the bottom point and then roll away from you to reach the top corner.  Making sure you keep the filling in and rolling it as tight as possible.  Make sure contents are secure before cutting it down the middle on the diagonal.

Repeat with the second wrapper and the rest of the noodle mixture.  I served it with a side salad and it was great and really filling too.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Peas, love and mungbeans





Cool as a cucumber


The other day I caught a tummy bug, it only lasted for 24 hours, but it was intense.  Once the nausea was under control, all I wanted to do was rehydrate and consume foods that would make me feel better but also contribute to healing my probably irritated digestive system.

So, I kept it simple and had liquid meals for the first half of the day.  It was stupid hot here so for lunch I made this yummy raw soup containing watercress, which by the way, is the healthiest vegetable ever, rating 100/100 in nutrient density.  Great in salads, it’s also equally yummy in this nourishing soup.

Creamy Cucumber and Watercress soup

Serves 1


3 cups of watercress (hard stems removed)

1/2 small avocado

1/4 cup raw cashews

1 small clove of garlic

2 TBS of chopped onion

1 cup of alkaline water

1 TBS of nurtritional yeast

1/2 lemon, juiced

Himalayan pink salt and freshly ground pepper to taste


1/4 avocado, diced into small cubes

watercress leaves

1 tsp flax seed oil


Place all ingredients (except garnish) in a blender.

Blend until smooth and creamy.   Taste and adjust seasoning.

If you want the soup to be warm, just blend for a bit longer and this will do the trick without destroying any of the nutrients.

Add the garnish and serve.

Hope this inspires you to give watercress a try :)

Peas, love and mungbeans



chipotle cashew sauce

It wasn’t until my recent USA trip that I discovered chipotle.  Of course I’d heard of it, actually looked for it here in oz, but it’s not a common ingredient.

Anywho, a little trip (or three) to the Lincoln Park Wholefoods in Chicago fixed that quick smart.  After a wonderous few hours, scouring with great detail, each and every isle (yes, I was alone), I had arrived at the spice section, and it was rather lovely and diverse, just like I had imagined.

So, with chipotle powder in hand, I walked triumphantly to get my second hemp yerba mate latte for the day.  Oh the joys of choice!

Back home in oz, I quickly set about using it in just about everything; soups, sprinkled on salads, on top of kidney beans, mixed with dressings, e.t.c., but my favourite by far, and I hope it becomes yours too, is this chipotle cashew sauce I’m about to share with you.

Chipotle Cashew Sauce

Makes approx. 1 1/4 cups


1 cup of raw cashews, soaked and rinsed (overnight or for at least 30 mins)

1/2 cup of water

1/4 tsp of chipotle powder

1/4 tsp of cumin powder

2 TBS nutritional yeast

1/2 tsp of raw apple cider vinegar

Himalayan salt and freshly ground pepper to taste


Place all ingredients in a powerful blender, I use a Vitamix, and blend until smooth and creamy.

Taste and adjust seasoning as required.

That is all.


Now you can get to making lots of yummy things, like this pasta I did with kelp noodles:


All I did was mix 1/2 a pack of kelp noodles with 1 spiralized zucchini, some diced sun dried tomatoes , chopped kalamata olives and spanish onion.  Then sprinkled some hemp seeds on top.  YUM!

You can also add it to your fave salad as it makes a great creamy dressing.


It’s also amazing on top of tacos, or a big ass dollop on your fave bean chilli.

Whichever way you choose to use it, I hope you enjoy it.

Peas, love and mungbeans