vegan pantry essentials

Just a quick one for those who are interested in experimenting with a plant based diet.  There are some essentials that you need to keep in your fridge/cupboard to make preparing your meals a lot quicker and easier.

Here’s a list of all the food products i seem to use a lot of:

wholegrain oats
quinoa flakes
brown rice flakes
nuts and seeds (mainly almonds, walnuts, pecans, pepitas, sesame, sunflower)
unhulled tahini
organic corn thins with sesame
dried fruit
chia seeds
maca powder
raw cacao powder
maple syrup
rice malt syrup
spices (mainly cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg & cloves)
curry powder
chilli flakes
red kidney beans
black beans
brown rice
coconut oil
extra virgin olive oil
brazil nut and flaxseed butter
almond butter

In my fridge

almond milk (unsweetened)
soy milk
coconut water
dark chocolate
tuscan cabbage
red cabbage
sweet potato
flax seed oil
kiwi fruits
frozen berries
frozen peas & carrots
savoury yeast flakes

And then you have your basic pantry items that most kitchens have.  I find that the above are enough to make a meal in minutes.
I mainly eat raw for lunch and dinner but I also like to prepare some quinoa or brown rice to last a few days. 
I also bake pumpkin/sweet potato so that it’s ready for me to use in salads, curries, soups or even to stir through some porridge like I did this morning.  it was totally delicious, and I added some of the above spices and it actually tasted like a pumpkin pie, no sugar added and best of all, a serving of vegetables with minimal fuss (picture below).

If I’m time poor, the quickest, and one of my favourite all time meals is some brown rice and quinoa mixed together with lentils, avocado, herbs and tomato.  drizzle with some tahini & lemon juice, add some sea salt and a sprinkle of chilli flakes and you’re ready for some seriously nutritious tucker.

what’s your favourite go to meal?

peas, love and mung beans


2 thoughts on “vegan pantry essentials”

  1. My fave “go to” meal is a wild rice salad. You can buy pre-cooked organic wild rice in pouches at the supermarket – I heat it up in the microwave to soften it a bit then add anything salad-y I have in the house – usually rocket, tomato, cucumber, fetta, avocado, red onion, maybe some tuna … add some olive oil and balsamic and there you have it! Healthy, yummy, quick lunch. Obviously not vegan, but on the right tip :-p

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